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3 tips for the perfect charity video

bounce_productions_grace_gibbonsCharity video tips from video marketing professional, Grace Gibbons

Video is exploding on the internet right now, since 2015 the number of daily video views on Facebook has doubled to 8 billion and it’s estimated that by 2019, 80% of the world’s internet traffic will be video.

Many charities are capitalizing on this trend and choosing video to help get their message out there. But with limited budgets and resources, how do you ensure your film makes an impact?

  1. Keep it short

When it comes to video marketing, less is generally more. In our increasingly fast paced and social media focused society, Google’s viewing stats alone are brutal – after 60 seconds, you lose 50% of your viewers.

You don’t need to tell your whole story; as long as you get across the essence who of you are, this will leave the viewers wanting more.

There are lots of long charity videos out there and if you can keep yours short and concise, it’s going to both hold your target groups’ interest and make you stand out from the crowd.

Aim for around 90 seconds and make 2 minutes your limit.

Here’s how the young people’s cancer charity, CLIC Sargent did it in 70 seconds:

  1. Make it simple and show how your clients feel about your services

According to studies, videos that appeal to our emotions are more likely to make an impact and go viral.

There are many different options out there, from animations videos to drone films and photo montage clips. But often the best way to allow us to connect emotionally is through simple, interview-based video that captures the heart and soul of your charity and gives a voice to the people your charity supports.

Get your beneficiaries to talk about the difference your charity has made to their lives. And don’t forget about young people and children, if they’re old enough to talk, ask them some questions!

Here’s a moving, interview-based video made by Bounce Video for Footsteps Foundation, a charity that helps children with neurological conditions.

  1. Get it out there

Once you’ve got this great video, don’t just pop it on your homepage or show it at presentations and events, make the most of it by sharing it online.

Post behind the scenes filming photos during production on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to create a buzz before it’s even released.

Once it’s done, email it out to your mailing list, post it on Twitter and even think about paying a small fee to get it promoted on Facebook, it’s surprisingly cheap and effective.

And don’t forget to write a press release and send it your local paper, they’re always looking for great human-interest stories, it could help you reach new audiences and makes great PR.

Grace Gibbons is the founder of Bounce, a production company that specialises in the charity video sector. Grace spent 8 years in Production and Direction on some of TV’s best known programmes including the BAFTA winning series Gogglebox, BBC Watchdog and One Born Every Minute.  She now brings her experience of emotive documentary storytelling to the charity video sector.


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